Wisconsin Silver Alert Program
Wisconsin Silver Alert Program
Wisconsin Silver Alert Program

What is the Wisconsin Silver Alert Program?

Silver Alerts are issued at the request of local law enforcement who are investigating missing persons who meet the criteria.  An alert contains descriptive information about the missing person and, if applicable, their vehicle.  The goal is to get the information disseminated urgently to find the missing person as quickly as possible.

Similar to an AMBER Alert, Silver Alerts will go out through the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network by email or text to notify the public that an adult with Alzheimer's, dementia, or other permanent cognitive impairment is missing.  Unlike AMBER Alerts, Silver Alerts cannot utilize the Emergency Alert System or the Wireless Emergency Alert System..

In partnership with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, the Outdoor Advertising Association of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Silver Alerts may be broadcast through television and radio, digital billboards, and lottery display terminals.  Alerts also may be displayed on highway digital messaging signs through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. 

Criteria for issuing an Silver Alert:

If your loved one is missing: immediately call 911.

Your local law enforcement agency will respond to your location and subsequently notify the Department of Justice if the criteria for a Silver Alert is met.

Criteria for Issuance of Silver Alert:

1. Is the missing person 60 years of age or older?
2. Is the missing person believed to have Alzheimer's, dementia, other permanent cognitive impairment which poses a threat to their health and safety?
3. Is there reasonable belief that the missing person's disappearance is due to their impaired cognitive condition?
4. Is the Silver Alert request within 72 hours of the individual's disappearance?
5. Is there sufficient information to disseminate to the public that could assist in locating the missing person?

**If any of these are not present, a Missing/Endangered alert may be issued via the WI Crime Alert Network.**


Alzheimer’s Association
https://www.alz.org/ ®

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin

Contact Silver Alert:

Wisconsin Department of Justice
Division of Criminal Investigation
Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center
PO Box 7857
Madison, WI 53707-7857



For media inquiries about a specific alert, please contact the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction.  For general program questions, please contact the DOJ Communications Office at 608-266-1220 or dojcommunications@doj.state.wi.us

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